The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage

From the moment your child joins us at Bell Day Nursery he or she is cared for and helped to develop and learn according to the principals and requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We believe that from the beginning, in our baby room right up to the time when they are ready to go to school our children will learn quickly because:

They are playing with stimulating equipment, both indoors and outside in the garden. 
They are given developmentally relevant planned activities to participate in.

They form strong bonds with the Nursery practitioners, who will help them to develop through each developmental stage. 

They are treated as individuals and we plan for their own individual care and learning requirements. 

The staff in each of the 4 rooms therefore considers each child's interests, and the next steps in their development, by planning interesting activities covering the 7 areas of the curriculum.

The 3 primary areas are as follows:
  Personal, Social and Emotional development
  Communication and Language development
  Physical development

The 4 specific areas: 
  Understanding the World
  Expressive Arts and Design

Each child in the Nursery has a 'Learning Journey' ( Famly) which contains photographs, observations, captions and other information relating to their progress. Parents are encouraged to access said Learning Journeys through Tapestry, to add too and share with their child whenever they wish. When each child leaves us, his or her records are transferred to the parents/carers.

                                                                                                 Our Vision

At Bell Day Nursery we strive to provide a safe and caring space for young children to build the strong foundations for learning, supporting both them and their families.

We are a nursery community, where adults model respect for each other. We see ourselves as an integral part of our wider community as we explore our rural market town and beyond.

We understand that a child’s learning journey is driven by them and their interests, however, we endeavour to provide new learning opportunities to encourage enquiring minds and lead them on to their next steps.     

We are a reflective, inclusive nursery, differentiating our curriculum to inspire and be accessible for all.   We encourage children to develop a sense of curiosity and give them the tools to build on a lifelong love of learning enabling them to reach their full potential.