Moon Beams

Welcome to Moon Beams our baby room. We hope that the following information will be useful to you, however, if you have any further questions, please feel free to talk to a member of staff within the room or to message Vicky or DJ on our Famly app.

Our Staff

Vicky and DJ head up this team and together alongside the children's individual key person they track each individual child’s development and plan activities based around this information. Moon beams has a team of enthusiastic practitioners including Rachel and Dawn (Level 3) who act as their deputies. The whole team ensures that the room creates a welcoming, stimulating environment for our very youngest children giving them the best start in their nursery life. 

Key Person

When your child joins Moon Beams, they will be given a buddy Key Person. A buddy person will spend time during your home visit getting to know you and your child before they start settling in sessions at the nursery. With information provided by your buddy person they will record observations and plan your child’s next steps. Both Dj and Vicky as well as your child’s Buddy Key Person are on hand to answer any questions that you might have before your child starts nursery, once they are settling in and during any part of their nursery adventure!

Our Children

The children in Moon Beams are aged from 4 months to around 18 months, moving to Little Stars when they are ready for the transition.

Activities and resources are age and developmental stage appropriate. The room is spacious and also boasts a self-contained side room with its own nappy changing facilities and small milk kitchen, a separate sleep room, a carpeted area with cosy cushions, a sensory play area and a large garden room for free flow. 

Coat Pegs

When you arrive in Moon Beams you will find your child's photo above a peg, this is where you can place their bag and coat. Please make sure that all belongings are named including shoes, coats and spare clothes.  Please check regularly to make sure that everything is taken home. We do ask that on a daily basis you take home all bags and coats to ensure there is enough space for the children attending  the next session. However we are happy to keep all in ones/wellies on our portable coat rack.


The sleep routine for babies and toddlers can be the same as at home. Each child will be allocated their own cot/ sleep mattress / or pod with their own sheet and blanket. Babies will sleep in our sleep room where they are checked every 10 minutes by a member of staff or in the smaller room with a practitioner present at all times. We also have a baby monitor with a camera. Older toddlers will sleep on mattresses in the side room away from other children, this enables them to prepare for Little Stars or Sunshine Corner.


As mentioned above, we like to take the children out regularly with our fleet of buggies. We visit the duck pond, the maze, parks, the market and the library. During the warmer months we may visit the zoo or the farm further afield on our mini bus driven by Dave.

Daily Routine

Each day is made up of periods of free play and adult led activities. Adult led activities are planned for the children based on their interests and abilities. We encourage children to express their preferences through free play.

Circle Time

In the morning and afternoon there is always a Circle Time in Moon Beams. All the children join in together and are encouraged to take part in the planned activities, to support their learning in a fun and stimulating way. They enjoy beginning to learn animal names and noises, songs, shapes and colours, practicing counting, sing action songs and the use story sacks. Other activities which are also incorporated are; musical instruments, singing, music and movement, story books and group games.


Different themes are explored throughout the nursery, these link to the children's interests as well as the seasons and relevant festivals & Celebrations. Craft work and group activities linking from these are incorporated into the large wall displays within the room.

                                                                                                 Our Vision

At Bell Day Nursery we strive to provide a safe and caring space for young children to build the strong foundations for learning, supporting both them and their families.

We are a nursery community, where adults model respect for each other. We see ourselves as an integral part of our wider community as we explore our rural market town and beyond.

We understand that a child’s learning journey is driven by them and their interests, however, we endeavour to provide new learning opportunities to encourage enquiring minds and lead them on to their next steps.     

We are a reflective, inclusive nursery, differentiating our curriculum to inspire and be accessible for all.   We encourage children to develop a sense of curiosity and give them the tools to build on a lifelong love of learning enabling them to reach their full potential.