Moon Beams

This room is from 4 months to 18 months, the children move up from this room when they are able to manage the stairs and are developmentally ready. The room is managed by Dj and Vicky together alongside the children's key person they individually plan and track the children supporting them individually in their development. The children in this room have access to three individual rooms providing a stimulating and caring environment on being our amazing free flow garden room.

Little Stars

This room is from 18 months 29 months, the children then move from this room up to Sunshine Corner. The room is managed by Sandie and Becca who alongside the key people individually plan and track for the children. The children in this room enjoy getting out and about around the town as much as possible visiting the Baptist Church, Duck Pond, Library etc.  

Parents Comment;

" You have helped our daughter to grow within herself and her confidence around other/bigger children. It's obvious she enjoys as she is always excited to go to nursery in the mornings"

Sunshine Corner

This room invites children 29 months to the year before they go to school which means they will spend their last year before they go to school in our pre-school room. The children in this room enjoy  music sessions and P.E, forest school and more. Charlie and Emily alongside the children's key person individually plan and track the children supporting the children individually in their development. 

Parents Comments ......

" It's a pleasure to know how much my child loves the team and the children. It makes leaving her in the morning so easy and stress free. "

" Everyone is very welcoming, Someone is always on hand to take my  child in, discuss anything if needed" 

"There is always a big smile and genuine enthusiasm. "

" You are a fantastic team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our son so well. He loves it at Bell Day Nursery"

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"All staff are so friendly and welcoming. Even at the end of the day the ladies are singing songs and full of beans."