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Parent views

  • Our daughter is so happy at Bell. All the staff are amazing and the administration is outstanding. She is so well cared for and has learned and developed so much. As parents we are updated regularly about our child's care, education and development via the Famly App, handover and parents evenings. There are also stay and play and other events when we're able to visit the nursery. Children are well looked after while learning to be independent. Its lovely when they come home with a new song or skill which they've been taught at nursery.

  • Both of my children attended Bell Day Nursery from age 1 to pre-school, and I can't praise the staff highly enough. The key workers in each room created a very special lasting bond with my children and me as a parent, it was clear that all staff genuinely care for the children and it is heart warming to see them take such delight in their development and milestones. The activities are fun, varied and creative, and they spend lots of time outdoors. Their attitude and approach to re-opening after Covid closure was professional and reassuring, and all the staff have coped amazingly well in such difficult circumstances to provide some much needed normality for the children. I really can't recommend Bell Day Nursery highly enough, what a special team they are.

  • Bell day has amazing staff that have a loving caring mindset, it’s lovely seeing Ebony get excited to go. There is great effort to engage and help her development focusing on what matters to her and her individual development needs. it’s also great to see the management is committed to providing a safe, fun, loving environment. We are very thankful.

  • We couldn’t be happier with the nursery! It is a nurturing, inclusive environment that has really helped our child to thrive. He is so excited every morning to go in and see the amazing staff. The staff and nursery as a whole have been very supportive of our family lifestyle and are always happy to help in anyway they can. We would recommend Bell Day nursery to everyone!

  • “The Bell Day nursery provides a caring, stimulating environment for my son! He is so tired when he gets home and I know from all the pictures and information the nursery sends that he has had so much fun and socialisation.”

  • “We couldn’t ask for a better environment for our little girl! The regular updates via the nursery app keep us in the loop of all the fun she’s having, the delicious menu choices and her daily routine.”

  • Bell Day Nursery is a wonderful nursery. I feel all the staff care for my child so well and know his little personality. I love that the staff take the children out on little adventures to the park, local museum, forest school, or the local school for PE! They really go above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

  • Both of my children have been lucky enough to attend the Bell Nursery. The level of engagement and care is outstanding. The staff are of course the biggest asset, they care for the children a level that is like having their own. Parents are made to feel included with regular updates and photos on the Famly app. They provide outstanding care for the children in every way. I would recommend the nursery to any other new parent without hesitation.

  • We couldn’t ask for a better environment for our little girl! The regular updates via the nursery app keep us in the loop of all the fun she’s having, the delicious menu choices and her daily routine.

  • My three children have loved their time at Bell Day Nursery. The staff are absolutely brilliant and really care about giving the children a wonderful experience. They take them out for lots of walks, make lovely crafts with them and help them learn about the world in fun ways. What I love is that when I drop them off, I have total faith that they’re going to be well looked after and have a lovely time as well!

  • Our daughter loves going to Bell Day and now looks forward to it!
    The staff are very warm and caring organising lots of fun activities for the children.
    The food is very good with a varied menu which our daughter enjoys.
    I also love being able to communicate via the app.
    Overall, excellent nursery!

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