Little Stars is located on the first floor of the nursery and is able to accommodate up to 26 children usually between the age of around 18months to 3 years depending on their developmental readiness. We regularly move the room around and rotate our resources to keep things fun and exciting. We also have a smaller side room which accommodates our climbing frame, this room is used for physical play as well as transforming into a quiet sensory room perfect for smaller group work. When our children reach approaching 3 years old or are developmentally ready they will move up to Sunshine Corner, we try to keep children in their ‘year group’ as much as possible but as every child is different occasionally they may move up earlier or slightly after their peers. If spaces are limited some children may miss Sunshine Corner and go straight down to Pre-school. We ask children to be in nursery no later than 9am as we like to get out and about and start our day as soon as possible. We try to let parents know when we are going on outings in advance but sometimes these are spare of the moment plans so we ask that you let us know ASAP if your child is coming in late or isn’t coming in at all – it helps us plan our day much easier!

Our Staff
Little Stars is lead by our Room Manager Becca who is supported by Carly as her Deputy Room Manager. Becca holds a level 5 degree and has over 7 years experience in childcare settings. Carly holds a level 3 childcare qualification and has over 10 years experience in childcare as well as being a parent herself. Becca and Carly are supported by Molly (level 3) Megan (level 2) and Karen (completing level 2). Between us we make a very enthusiastic team who have plenty of energy – perfect for this age group!

Home learning
We highly encourage parents to get involved with everything we do at nursery and to take home one of our home learning packs that are available daily. We also love to see what you have been up to at home so welcome any observations to be posted onto Famly. All staff are more than happy to discuss home learning with you and let you know the best activities to support your child's development.

Outdoor time
Our children spend as much time outside as possible, the children can ask to go outside whenever they please and we do our absolute best to accommodate that. The children enjoy our newly refurbished garden and playground area and exploring the variety of resources that are available to them. We have a large sandpit which proves very popular with our children, we have a range of climbing apparatus and a large mud kitchen in which we enjoying making mud pies and also growing our own vegetables and flowers too. We love to explore all weathers so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

We regularly get out and about around the town to explore the world around us, we give the children the opportunity to tell us where they would like to go. We love to visit places such as the market, the chickens at Herbert's Farm, the duck pond, library and the various parks we have around town. We have large buggies to accommodate our smaller children and walkodiles for the children who are more confident to walk. We also regularly have access to our minibus – this is driven by Dave and the children absolutely love all the different places we visit. Each place we visit has been risk assessed before hand to ensure it is suitable for our children. These visits include parks in surrounding villages, plane spotting at the viewing area in Elsenham, Scotsdales, Audley End, local farms and many more places. We of course let parents know beforehand where we are going and take our nursery mobile phone with us so we can be contacted at any time.

Meals and fresh water
In each room there are water coolers which the children can help themselves to at any time of day. At each snack time we offer a choice of milk and water at main meals. For information on our main meals please have a look at our separate menu page to see our 4 week rolling menu.

Our children are able to have a sleep if and when they require. They sleep on individual mats with their own sheet which is washed regularly. We do not have a sleep room but we transform our carpet area into a sleep room by using our blackout blind, curtain divider and white noise music. Usually by this age most of our children have one sleep after lunch and those who don’t sleep or require a sleep a little earlier or later in the day are welcome to have a lay down in our quite cosy areas in the room.

Pegs and self registration
Each morning the children are encouraged to come into nursery and find their peg picture and choose a peg for their belongings for the day. We ask you to provide a bag filled with spare clothes which can live here at nursery and we will send home as and when it needs to be restocked – please stock the bag with weather appropriate clothing! We also ask you to provide a pair of wellies and all in one – as we like to be out in all weathers, we will keep this here all year long. In the summer we ask you to provide a sunhat that can stay here too. We ask that ALL BELONGINGS ARE CLEARLY LABELLED – this helps with things getting lost between the rooms!

We welcome children's comforters into nursery dummies/teddies/blankets. We do ask if possible we have a comforter to keep at nursery to avoid our special toys getting lost or damaged. We ask that ONLY comforters come into nursery NO TOYS as toys get used by other children, lost and generally cause upset between the children!