Sunshine Corner is located on the second floor of the nursery and it accommodates up to 26 children aged from around 30 months depending on their maturity. When they reach the last year before school they will move to our pre-school room. We do ask that you drop your child off before 9.15am if your child attends the morning sessions, so that if we decide to go on an outing we can leave as early as possible.

Our Staff

Charlie is the Room Manager and Emily and DJ are her deputies. They are supported by , Madeline, Charlie  Ann and Sarah .

Home Learning

We highly encourage parents to get involved with everything we do at nursery and to use our home learning packs that are available daily. All staff are more than happy to discuss home learning with you and to support you with activities you can do at home. 

Outdoor Time

Our children spend part of each morning and afternoon outside in our stimulating outdoor area. They enjoy developing their skills using the bikes, cars and scooters as well as building in our large constructions are with real wood and tyres. The children can play creatively on the tower/mound/slide which can be seen as anything they would like. Our undercover area can be used at any time, but especially useful when it is raining. Cooking in our mud kitchen is very popular for making mud pies and hot chocolate.  Our sand pit is very popular, the children enjoy using the different sized pots and spades.


We try to regularly get out and about around the town to explore the world around us. We love to visit places such as the market, the library, the park, the duck pond, Bridge End Gardens and many more. We encourage all parents to bring their children in by 9:15am each day so if we decide to spontaneously go out and then we can do so. Parents will be informed of all planned outings via our Famly app and on our parent notice board where we will also say what clothing is needed.


Different themes are explored based around the children's interests as well as the seasons and celebrations. Craft work and group activities arising from these are Incorporated into the large displays around the room. We also use Famly to communicate directly with you and to share photos, forest school dates and information about our themes and outings. By doing this you may be able to help with themes such as 'occupations' or you may have resources at home when we celebrate events such as 'Chinese New Year'.

Meal Times & Fresh Water

In each room there are water coolers in which the children can help themselves throughout the day to fresh cold water. For information on meals please look on our separate menu page to see our four weekly rolling menu.


The younger children are able to have a sleep if required. They sleep on individual mats on the carpet with their own named sheet and blanket. If they just require a rest, they can curl up in the cosy quiet area with a cuddle and a story with one of the practitioners.

Pegs & Self Registration

Each morning the children find their pictures on the self-registration board and choose their own pegs. This is where you can place their bags, hats, coats and shoes, PLEASE MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS LABELLED. We also ask that all belongings are taken home each night to allow more space within our cloakrooms. Above their pegs are their art pegs where your child's art's and craft, newsletters and invitations will be placed for you to take home.


We do ask that only comforters come in with the children as toys get lost and used by other children, as you can imagine this could cause distress to the children.